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Russian Nesting Dolls Fairy Tale

This is a Russian nesting dolls Fairy Tale signed 1996 the dolls are 5 small, dark haired girls with innocent eyes and innocent looks, they are each in turn-a-key ministers dress, with a golden on the chest. There is a golden on the stomach of a young girl, each one renders a small, dark hair with a light brown skin. There are 2 golden on each head, the framework is manufactured of soft, lightweight velvet. These dolls are part of the Russian nesting dolphin appointing themselves as the world's best-quality dolls, they are soft, lightweight, and have golden with small, dark hair. They are terrific for tale-tellers and Fairy Tale fans alike.

7 inch Ruslan and Ludmila NESTING DOLL, Pushkin Russian Fairy tale Matryoshka

7 inch Ruslan and Ludmila

By Handmade



Vintage Blue Ceprueb Nocag Russian

By Ceprueb Nocag


- Set Of 5

Snow White and the Seven



Russian Hand Painted Snow Queen Troika Fairy Tale Matryoshka Nesting Doll BB21
With Fairy Tale, Handmade  Tall -9

Russian matryoshka nesting dolls with

By Great Russian Gifts


Russian Nesting 5 Doll Fairy Tale Signed 1996 Cepzueb Nocag
Beauty and The Beast  Fairy Tale Story Russian Hand Carved Painted Nesting Doll

Beauty and The Beast Fairy

By Unbranded


7 Signed

VTG Ceprueb Nocag Russian Fairy

By Ceprueb Nocag


Top 10 Russian Nesting Dolls Fairy Tale

This vtg Russian Fairy Tale matryoshka wooden nesting dolls 7 signed set is a first rate alternative to add a touch of elegance to your home décor, the dollhouse is high-quality wooden art on a deep blue ground. There is an 6-pack of Russian nesting dolls, each with an unique personality, and an one-year warranty, the set also includes an one-year warranty for damage caused by storage in the cold. This vtg Russian Fairy Tale matryoshka wooden nesting dolls 7 signed is a top addition to each home décor, this is a Russian nesting dolls Fairy Tale set of 7 "pushkin Fairy tales" melancholy "rutile" Russian nesting dolls. These charming dolls come with a set of 7 "russian nesting matryoshka" dolls as well as a "popcorn"fragment and a "fairytale glass"pendant, the set is handmade to a valuable size for any small home. This splendid set for any Russian nesting doll lover! These Russian nesting dolls are nesting-dolls, biz and beautiful design. They feature an unique, intricate design with rich, deep colors, they are made of soft, plush materials and feature a nice, thick atmosphere. Each doll is set up with a cleverly designed mechanism and comes with an outstanding deal of detail and features, a Russian nesting doll is a toy that is typically used to represent a mother’s soul in winter. The doll can be played with for as long as the mother wants and can be taken on any number of activities, some people play with the doll while traveling in their car or in the park, adding a touch of fantasy to real life experiences.