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Vintage Ussr Nesting Dolls

This is a Vintage nesting dolls 6 pieces set from the union, it is quite a few from the set, but all are of very high quality. This set is a sterling addition to collection.

Wooden Matryoshka Set 5 Inches

Vintage new in bag made

By Unbranded


- Made In Ussr

vintage russian matryoshka nesting dolls



- Gorbachev Lenin

5pc Vintage Soviet Russian Presidents

By Authentic Models


4 Piece Set Good Condition
Individual Matryoshka USSR Russian Vintage Hand Painted Genuine Nesting Dolls

Individual Matryoshka USSR Russian Vintage



7 Piece Set Ussr
4 Pcs Matryoshka Ussr

2 Sets Vintage Soviet Hand

By Hand Made


Vintage Hand Painted 2 Sets Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls- Made In USSR 4” Tall

Vintage Ussr Nesting Dolls Amazon

This is a charming Vintage nesting dolls donation items for your next donation party, this set contains two nesting dolls with valuable items imperium products from the union. The dolls are good for a memory of a personal relationship with a former union leader, these nesting dolls also make a sterling donation for a local event or home party. The 4 dolls are your classic matryoshka sweet little shawl or blanket made of cloth and done in an in shades of blue and green, they are cute and unequaled for use as a result of their modern surroundings. This set is in like manner sterling for the family, the children can play with the dolls, learn about history of the union, and even consumption substitute of obtaining goods cheaply and easily). This is an 6-pack of Vintage authentic hand-painted nesting dolls - 6 with eyes and 6 with eyes, they are top for a fun and interactive playtime with your children. This Vintage nesting dolls set is a top-grade addition to each home, the 5 dolls are ekaterina, russia's president, alexander line, union's alexander the great, elizabeth of york, and elizabeth of london. They are embellished with gold and ivory skin and features a group of children playing together, the set also includes a box which contains the following: 5 matryoshka nesting dolls russian president, alexander the great union's alexander the great elizabeth of york elizabeth of london this Vintage nesting dolls set is a splendid addition to all home. Russia's president, alexander the great, elizabeth of york, and elizabeth of london, vladimir the great union's vladimir the great elizabeth of russia elizabeth of london.